Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Progress on the First Person Shooter

Hey there! Just a little progress report on our first person shooter.

This is the program so far:
Tiled ground, loaded from a file, of course.

Objects in the game will be nothing more than billboards.

Collision with these objects have already been done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camera, Input, GUI (II)

Raster Position
The OpenGL raster position refers to the drawing position relative to window coordinates for pixel and bitmap write operations. The raster position can be specified by using the function glRasterPos2d() (or glRasterPos2f(), glRasterPos2i(), glRasterPos2s(), etc. for that matter).

The glRasterPos2d function takes in 2 parameters (x,y).
This specifies the raster position.

Thus, by calling 'glRasterPos2d(200,100)', any bitmap or pixel drawings will be position at the point (200,100).

The function glWindowPos() accomplishes the same thing as glRasterPos2d(). However, it's values are neither transformed by the current modelview and projection matrices, nor by the viewport-to-window transform.

The modified project can be found: http://www.brankenonline.com/gdev_spacesimulator.zip

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Assignment 2 - First Milestone

This is the revised version of our Technical Design Document. The source code and the program will be uploaded shortly. We apologize for the mix up, the previous post was made wrongly and is an error on our part.

The document contains all aspects of the game we intend to create. Any changes in the future will be reflected in this document, it will also be updated regularly, depending on the need.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camera, Input, Gui

Studying the Gimbal Lock
The gimbal lock is pretty obvious in the following examples.
First, the camera is rotated so that is yaw is 90 degrees.

Next by shifting the pitch, the camera starts turning clockwise.

But wait.. shifting its roll also causes it to turn on clockwise in the same way it turned like when I shifted the pitch.

Thus, this is the infamous gimbal lock!

Quaternion Camera
Alright then, let's try doing the same thing to a camera operated using quaternions.

Alright then notice that I rotate the quaternion camera in the same way as I did previously with the euler camera,

Now I'll give it a little Pitch, already it is moving in a different way.

Finally, I'll move it a little on the Roll.

Comparing both cameras, it's imperative that the quaternion camera has solved the issue of the Gimbal Lock, as observed it the euler camera.

Here is the assignment on Picking & Zooming.

You can download it here: http://www.brankenonline.com/spacesimulator.net.zip